Our Businesses

Amber Connect

Revolutionizing the tracking, telematics and security in the vehicle industry in over 22 countries worldwide Amber Connect offers vehicle tracking and smart security solution to various automotive and asset management verticals. It’s innovative native mobile app (Android and iOS) with nearly 42 engaging features for consumers, the cloud based architecture enables live tracking (10 sec to 2 secs refresh) and unlimited history retention.

This allows customers to have 24/7 peace of mind for their vehicles. Amber Connect became the first in the world to bring the revolutionary Amber Shield, an artificially intelligent theft protection feature that automatically disables the engine, activates the horn to blow, lights to flash and at the same time put a loud siren on the consumer app to alert owners of a possible theft in progress.

Amber Innovations

Amber Innovations was the next company to launch and was inspired by the need of banking institutions to be able to evaluate raw data analytics and follow trends with the raw data collected from their clients.

Today Amber Innovations is at the helm with some the world’s largest banking corporations in providing them with deep machine learning capabilities and being able to bi-furcate critical elements required by these global financial institutions. Again from a humble start, this small company now employs over 200 highly skilled full stack developers to constantly provide client with innovative and cutting edge solutions for their corporate businesses around the clock. This team of master programmers drive for a “one step ahead’’ innovation will see this company grow from strength to strength and come up with massive BIG DATA, Hadoop and analytics solutions for major global corporations.

The Amber Innovations experts now work to create custom software solutions for businesses in a range of industries that includes IoT, media, farming, banking, retail, insurance, transportation, and even sports management. Each of our developers is fluent in multiple programming languages and frameworks. Collectively, our developers have the experience and ability to create anything from a web application to a data warehouse.

Amber Fuels

Stemming from the need for convenience at the filling station we pioneered the launch of the The innovative technology uses a native mobile app which enables a unique and powerful digitized re-fuelling payment solution that is set to modernize and change the current practice in the fuel industry when it comes to payment systems.

The Amber Fuels technology that has been deployed at the filling stations in Jamaica works with the latest Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and secure banking transaction platforms interfaced through an engaging consumer mobile application. This system allows you to pay for your fuel, LPG Home Gas, Aviation Fuel and LPG Auto Gas with the simple use of the RFID sticker and the Amber fuels app. Amber Fuels has partnered with the world’s leading petroleum company, Texaco in this venture. Immediate consumer benefits available at gas stations that are powered by GB Fuels are:

  • Cash or Card-less digital payment processing with electronic invoices through the mobile app with insightful expense analytics.
  • Family and group purchases through a single account.
  • Secure payment platforms and reduced fraud risk.
  • Accurate record keeping for GCT, tax submissions and claims.
  • Shorter time spent at gas stations.
  • Information about amenities available at each gas station, including ATMs, restrooms, convenience stores and car washes. Customers will now enjoy loyalty points on their fuel purchases.

Amber Pay

This payment ecosystem and secure wallet incorporates a 360 degrees of payment transactions for both merchants and consumers.

Amber Pay is a consumer centric solution where the consumers can now pay just with their smart phones using their unique QR code linked to their credit/debit cards, do peer to peer payments, earn rewards as they spend, get the best deals for chosen categories of purchases, shop online from the same application and also introduces an integrated gift platform with bill payments and more.

Amber Pay merchant solutions provides self-service on-boarding, POS transactions, invoicing, CRM, inventory, employee management, trends and analytics. The solution enables retailers to incentivize customers based on their spend, work out what they buy and how often they return as well as track top sellers, locations and employee performance. The solution also provides merchants with the ability to provide real time offers to their customers and build loyaly reward points.

Amber Rewards

A next-gen loyalty rewards software that enables merchants to create and operate their very own branded loyalty program in minutes or to participate in an aggregated loyalty coalition. It boasts built with state-of-the-art data analytics and marketing tools, designed to identify trends and capitalize on opportunities. An alternative fast, convenient & contactless method to get member special offers, collect and redeem your rewards and comes with a host of benefits to both merchants and their customers, such as:

  • Cardless QR-code based system to collect and redeem your rewards
  • Real-time merchant locator, geo-mapping with offers/categories and distance filter
  • Your daily, weekly, monthly spend analytics with top spending categories
  • Instant in-app digital purchase receipts also sent by email & SMS after every purchase
  • Guaranteed reward points on every purchase + merchant enabled bonus points
  • Real time notifications and directions mapping of available deals offers based on members’ current location

Amber Aura

A world leader in the design and manufacture of solutions that make buildings more energy efficient without sacrificing occupant comfort, Amber Aura offers a broad portfolio of products and services to support comprehensive energy management plans and make any building intelligent and intuitive. Amber Aura uses a combination of technologies to automate building management. Providing users an 3D interactive software that manages the different variables of a building's operation, including presence, air quality, temperature and lighting, making the energy management more cost effective and employee’s more productive.

Providing users an 3D interactive software that manages the different variables of a building's operation, including temperature and lighting. Sensor’s are used to detect changes, such as the rise and fall of temperature or motion in a room, and feed that information to the software. With sensors deployed throughout a building, a building management system can target temperature and lighting changes only to the rooms that require adjustment. The building data are tracked over time so the software can adjust its changes to fit with occupancy or seasonal changes.Building managers can also utilize this technology to manage their lighting.

Amber Aviations

Inspired by a microlight experience along the East Coast of South Africa, Amber Aviation has been created to transport the 2D tourism experience of sun, sea and beach into a whole new dimension and soon beginning with its roots in Jamaica. Aviation adventure activities are a perfect fit with increasingly popular adventure tourism with the added benefit of creating aeronautical skills and employment opportunities amongst local communities.

Modern day microlights are a safe and affordable way to appreciate sight-seeing in a whole new way whilst, at the same time, bolstering the tourism ecosystem through the provision of the training of pilots and maintenance technicians. Flex-wing micro-lighting is great for adventurous types, as it takes you back to those pioneering days of aviation, giving you a taste of open-cockpit flying, where you can feel the wind on your face and experience the sensation of flight that is completely open to the elements.