Our Journey

Jan 2015

Dushyant Savadia

Dushyant extensively travelled the Caribbean for 5 years and mostly in Jamaica, personally teaching the Art of Living stress management workshops in prisons, inner cities, youths at risks and conducting several social intervention programs to reduce crime and violence in the society. January 2015, when he ran out of resources to fund these projects, he realized the need of a consistent funding mechanism to support his charitable passion and hence was the creating of companies to support this cause.

Aug 2015

Amber Connect

The first flagship company to come out of the Amber Group was Amber Connect, a vehicle telematics system that has seem exponential growth in a very short time. Now being represented in almost 25 countries world-wide. This vehicle vehicle telematics product uses the most state of the art technology to not only track your vehicle in actual per second real time, but in parallel offering the you the latest A.I. (artificial intelligence) with over 40 unique and innovative features, in keeping with the company ethos of providing customers with ultimate peace of mind and convenience . The Amber Connect brand has recently made international headlines, bringing this Jamaican product in the United States of America’s tech through North America’s largest electronics chain BEST BUY INC. Dushyant has been referred to by the Sunday Tribune newspaper the ‘Uber of Vehicle telematics’ with the unprecedented features that Amber Connect provides, being light years away for its nearest rivals in many verticals such as Retail, Fleet management, Insurance telematics and more.

Sep 2016

Amber Innovations

Amber Innovations was the next company to launch and was inspired by the need of banking institutions to be able to evaluate raw data analytics and follow trends with the raw data collected from their clients. Today Amber Innovations is at the helm with some the world’s largest banking corporations in providing them with deep machine learning capabilities and being able to bi-furcate critical elements required by these global financial institutions. Again from a humble start, this small company now employs over 100 highly skilled full stack programmers to constantly provide client with innovative and cutting edge solutions for their corporate businesses around the clock. This team of master programmers under Dushyant’s guidance and drive for a “one step ahead’’ innovation will see this company grow from strength to strength and come up with massive BIG DATA, Hadoop and analytics solutions for major global corporations.

Jul 2018

Amber Fuels

Stemming from the gap in technology and convenience for consumers at the filling station, Dushyant and his intrepid team pioneered the launch of the Amber Fuels company which placed Jamaica on the global map using the never seen before cashless/ card-less payment system with its superior RFID technology and software. Besides making cash-less or card-less payments possible at fuel stations, analytics on fuel expenditure and automatic invoicing will also be features of the system that has been designed for both business and retail consumers. This system allows you to pay for your fuel, LPG Home, Aviation Fuel and LPG Auto with the simple use of the RFID sticker and the Amber fuels app. Amber Fuels has partnered with the world’s leading petroleum company, Texaco in this venture and the roll out will continue across several other countries in 2019.

Jul 2019

Amber Pay

Amber Pay took a natural position in the group given the large scale entry into the merchant services industry through Amber Fuels. Connecting the banks and the merchants with ground breaking technology facilitation on both sides to provide better consumer experience and improve visibility and accountability in the business. Amber Pay ramped up quickly to provide Jamaica’s first charge on demand payment system through tokenized card registration on app’s enabling card/cash-less transactions. Pioneering this technology, Amber Pay seamlessly moved toward MPOS (Mobile point of sales systems) enabling more sales, marketing, churn and retention analytics, business intelligence and actionable insights to merchants. 2019, will see the roll out of consumer applications as well enabling QR transactions with rewards and more.

Jul 2019

Amber Aura

Amber Group ventured into creating its own smart building management system and enable a fully automated energy efficient buildings. Providing users an 3D interactive software that manages the different variables of a building's operation, including temperature and lighting. Sensor’s are used to detect changes, such as the rise and fall of temperature or motion in a room, and feed that information to the software. With sensors deployed throughout a building, a building management system can target temperature and lighting changes only to the rooms that require adjustment.

Dec 2020

Amber Aviation

A hobby turned business aspiration of Dushyant, Amber Aviation was the next disruption waiting to happen in the aviation business in Jamaica. Inspired by a microlight experience along the East Coast of South Africa, Amber Aviation was created to transport the 2D tourism experience of sun, sea and beach into a whole new dimension. Aviation adventure activities are a perfect fit with increasingly popular adventure tourism with the added benefit of creating aeronautical skills and employment opportunities amongst local communities. Flex-wing micro-lighting is great for adventurous types, as it takes you back to those pioneering days of aviation, giving you a taste of open-cockpit flying, where you can feel the wind on your face and experience the sensation of flight that is completely open to the elements. The Amber Aviation brand will not only bring spectacular experiential tourism benefits to the Island of Jamaica but will also greatly raise the bar of tourists experiences on the island.